Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Review 4-29-2012

Just a little update of whats going on at Shegogue brew!  I bottled up some of my Mild and my Helles on Saturday for Battle of Bubbles 2 and Spirit of Free Beer 20!  I also had just enough bottles left of my Oak Barrel Stout Clone - An American Stout aged on untoasted oak and vanilla beans.  Due to bottle requirements, I only had enough of the stout to enter into the Battle of the Bubbles competition.  So here is the breakdown of my entries:

Battle of the Bubbles - Judging May 6th
Oak Barrel Stout Clone - Category 23a
English Mild - Category 11a

Spirit of Free Beer - Judging May 12th
Munich Helles - Category 1d
English Mild - Category 11a

I dropped of my entries at the Flying Barrel homebrew store.  So I couldn't just drop-off and leave, had to get some ingredients.  I picked out some WLP400 - Belgian Wit Yeast and about 5lbs of wheat malt.  This was poor planning on my part as I didnt have any real recipe pegged down in my head.  When I came back home and look at some recipes I realized most wits require flaked wheat, oops!  So it looks like my beer is going to have more of a hefeweizen grainbill, but use wit yeast.  I see a good pun in the future for the name of this beer!


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