Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Review 4-15-2012

On Tap: I did some tasting checks on my two kegs - A Munich Helles which is still conditioning, but getting better.  There was some strong hints of sulfur and it just wasn't where I wanted it to be about 2 weeks.   This weekend it showed much improvement and I think in another week or two it will be solid.  The other beer is the English Mild that I brewed on St Patricks Day.  This beer is spot on right now as far as co2 and taste goes.  I am hoping for good things with this beer when I enter it into the comps in a couple weeks.

Stocked up:  I went to the LHBS, Flying Barrel, and picked up 5lbs of munich malt and 3lbs of carapils to add to my inventory.  I am planning to start tweaking my house pale ale recipe using CTZ and Cascade throughout


  1. Hey Brett, would you consider posting your house pale ale recipe? I've been tweaking all three of my house beers (Amber, Pale, IPA) for a few batches now and would love to see what you are doing.


  2. TK - I will try and post it up when I get home today. I guess my wording was a little fuzzy, but I haven't actually brewed this pale ale recipe yet. The past two pale ales I brewed were based on Jamils APA (no crystal) recipe in Brewing Classic Styles. I took my knowledge of that recipe as well as from some Professional breweries (Can You Brew It on the Brewing Network) to create what I think will be a solid starting point for my house pale ale. I will be using a whirlpool hop technique for this next pale ale as describe at Bertus Brewery ( as I feel my Hoppy Beers haven't been packing that flavor/aroma punch like I'd like

  3. TK - went ahead and posted the recipe. Let me know if you have any thoughts.