Sunday, April 1, 2012

Its April, Fools

Quick Update - I was able to package the English Mild I made on Saint Patricks day.  The hydrometer sample was delicious with a subtle sweetness and a touch of that chocolaty richness that I really love coming through.  I look forward to this beer being carbed to style by next Saturday so I can participate in Session Beer Day which I heard about fellow homebrewer and beer blogger Billy Broas.

Bulk Grain - Participated in a local bulk grain buy where I was able to purchase 50lbs of Great Western Pale Ale Malt which cost about $0.74/lb.  I am currently on the hunt to find the most economical storage device for said grain.  There are a lot of options out there and I will be sure to update on which one I choose.  The bulk grain will help me keep brewing on budget!

Future Brews - I have 8 oz each of Cascade and Columbus.  I plan on work on my house pale ale recipe in the coming weeks.


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