Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where's the Beer?

May 5, is celebrated by most as Cinco de Mayo for a day of Mexican cuisine and margaritas.  However, it was also National Homebrew day.  A day for people to spread the knowledge and love of homebrewing beer, wine and mead.  Unfortunately, I was not able to brew beer this weekend or participate in a "Big Brew Day" (Multiple homebrewers meet up to brew large batches of a beer together), but I did spread some of the homebrew love - Packed up a 6-pack of the Mild and Helles for my family in Delaware.

As the post is titled, I have been posed the question of "Where's the beer?"  I have been asked to provide the beverages for our neighbors housing warming party.  I will be brewing up a batch next weekend to try and get a quick turn-a-round and have the beer ready for June 2nd.  I normally like to have the beer take its time and mature naturally, but I will need to push this beer along to meet the strict consumption deadline!  May is gonna be a big brewing month - stay tuned!


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