Monday, May 16, 2016

Northeast American Pale Ale

Every once in a while I have those brewdays where my note taking is almost non existent.  This was one of those brewdays!  It is a shame too cause this beer is Amazing!

If you follow the blog you have probably picked up that I am my own worst critic (or you think I just make shitty beer). This one exceeded expectations!

You will notice quite a few question marks next to values.  This is because I didnt't write that number down, but these numbers stick out to me for various reasons, so I am going with them. 

I have been seeing a lot great looking hoppy beer recipes out there that use Wyeast London Ale III 1318 and a high 2:1 chloride to sulfate ratio.  The Tire Hands clone by Ed over with Ales of the Riverwards has pinpointed the perfect ratio/amount of oats for this style - and I followed his advice.

This beer ends up with a solid haze which is largely from the low flocculaing London Ale III and the hops/chill haze.

Brewed On: Mar 12, 2016
Kegged On: April 2, 2016
Style: American Pale Ale 18B (2015 BJCP)
Batch Size: 2.5 gal
Boil Length: 60 min
Efficiency: ?
OG: 1.049?
FG: 1.013
IBU: 41
ABV: 4.7%
Yeast: Wyeast London Ale III 1318

Grist Mashed at 156?for 60 mins?
75% - Briess 2-Row - 4lbs 2 oz
18% - Quick Oats- 1 lb
7% - Avangard Light munich - 6 oz

Hop Additions
.221 oz - Magnum 14.7% AA - 60 minutes boil- 30 IBUs
.5 oz - Zythos 10.9% AA - 10 minutes - 11 IBU
.5 oz Zythos, .75oz (each) Citra and Azacca - 10 minute whirlpool
Dry Hopped 4 days with .75oz (each) Citra and Azacca

Water Adjustments - 4 gallons distilled .5 gal tap

Calcium (Ca ppm)Magnesium (Mg ppm)Sodium (Na ppm)Chloride (Cl ppm)Sulfate (SO4 ppm)
Jan Estimated Tap4110172645
Estimated Final Beer921211960

Heated all 4.5 gallons of distilled/tap water with campden and 4.1 g CaCl and 1.7g CaSO4. 1.5oz acid malt. Estimated mash pH 5.42.

Tasting Notes: Moderately High hop Aroma of pineapple, lemon citrus, low Pine and, low grapefruit

Medium body, moderately high carbonation, moderate creamy mouthfeel, and no astringency

Moderately High hop flavor grapefruit and pineapple, very low bland cracker taste, moderately high bitterness. Balance is 90% towards that hops finishes moderately dry

Overall this is a really great American Pale Ale The Hop Aroma and flavor is very pleasant. The creamy mouthfeel and moderate dryness keeps the consumer wanting to come back for another sip I can drink pint upon pint and I did! I kicked this keg yesterday and figured it was about darn time to post the recipe.

I think I will be brewing this one again soon.