Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Brewery

So some of you may be interested in the brewery and my setup, so I thought a few pictures were in order!  Let me know what you think.

The Brew Shelf - The shelf of "Organized Chaos" contains almost all of my equipment other than kegs, kettle and burner!

The Fermentation Chamber - not the most aesthetically pleasing device, but it does its job well.  As the Capacity to hold to Batches at a time.

My "Brewstand" - Making great use of that trashcan for my mashtun.  Forgot to take a picture of my 15 gallon pot.  This is my 5 gallon pot I use for strike water sitting on my propane burner.

My CPVC manifold, which up until last brewday hadn't created a stuck sparge!

One of my kegs and my many cases of bottles

Last, but definitely not least, the Keg/Beer Fridge!


  1. Do you have a plan to do commercial brewing? are you in the process of startup?

  2. @Dustin thanks for checking out my blog. If I win the lottery, then sure I will fill my time with starting a brewery. However, I realize all the hard work that goes into starting and managing a successful brewery and I feel that would take all the fun out of my hobby. It is a hobby. I enjoy what the level of freedom I have as a homebrewer tinkering and experimenting. Do run a brewery the way I would want to, I don't know if I would ever actually get to brew a batch - I'd be too busy with all the business stuff.