Friday, March 16, 2012

Top of the Mornin' to ya!

I have had a fairly busy week at work and wasn't able to finalize part 3 of my All Grain Series like I had hoped.  I did want to check in and let everyone know what has been going on at Shegogue Brew.
  • Temperature Control Broken - So a week ago I had decided to increase the temperature on my lager for a diacetyl rest.  It was pretty warm last week so I wanted the beer to free rise about 10° F.  I set my temp controller to kick back on when it reached my desired temp.  The warm ambient temperature of the garage allowed the beer to warm up, however my temp controller did not kick on.  It appears something on the controller is not "flipping-the-switch" to provide power to my fridge.  I plan on troubleshooting this weekend
  • Kegged Munich Helles - Due to the temperature controller breaking and the warm weather last week I had to get my first lager into the fridge FAST!  I kegged it up on Tuesday and look forward to enjoying it in a few weeks!
  • Supplies Received - I had a gift certificate to Brewmasters Warehouse.  I bought ingredients for my next beer - An English Mild.  As well as a pound of hops (1/2 Cascade and 1/2 Columbus) for my future testing of my try of a "Session IPA."
So, that was the week in review.  On tap for this weekend I will be trying to fix my temperature controller.  If I am successful then I can brew up that Mild.  I additionally am going to be trying my hand at these DIY Carbonation Caps and possibly making some soda.

Just a friendly reminder to all participating in St. Patricks Day festivities!  Don't Drink and Drive.  It is stupid and not worth the risk.  Be Safe!



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