Friday, February 13, 2015

Brew Thru #2 - Workbench

Time flies, doesn't it?  Already in February of 2015 and things are plodding along nicely.  In the second Brew Thru I will be talking about some Social Media Updates, my first Homebrew Wednesday, recapping the Superbowl, and my workbench.

Social Media and Homebrew Wednesday

So I have recently learned of this Homebrew Wednesday (HBW) thing going on over on YouTube.  It is pretty cool and equally dorky at the same time = right up my alley.  Homebrewers record updates for their brews, brewdays, or just anything related to their homebrewing and post it up on Wednesdays.  I just launched my first HBW video as the debut of the Shegogue Brew YouTube channel.  Be sure to subscribed to stay on top of all things Shegogue Brew.

I also have launched a Facebook Page for you to 'Like.'  If you are an avid FB'er you can stay in touch that way.  Considering twitter...but I am not a huge fan...we will see.

Super Bowl Recap - The Welker's first Homebrew

Most of us gather to watch the Superbowl.  It is the time of year I  look forward to as another reason to continue - my birthday usual falls the week before the superbowl - eating good-tasting, but bad-for-me foods like these ham and cheese sliders, and seven layer dip.  My wife and I had our friends, whose namesake claims the Witty Welker, over to enjoy the game.

The Welker's have caught the brew bug and brought over their first batch of homebrew!  Its always interesting being on the receiving end of other brewers first batch.  They are usually worried I won't like, and watch my first sip with bated breath.  No worries necessary though as the beer was excellent!  They made a Brewer's Best Weizen and it was delightful.  They didn't remember which yeast was used (I'm letting the lack of note-taking slide this time you two!) but it favored my weizen preferences of a stronger clove phenol, over banana esters.  The only real things I could knock the beer for was its clarity and that it was a little thin in the mouthfeel.  We will ignore the clarity by claiming this a kristal weizen.  The thinner body made for a very easy drinking beer.  Once again, well done!

Then there was the infamous Budweiser commercial.  I am not going to link to it since I don't want to promote AB-InBev.  I think they are horrible stewards of the beer industry, but not because of the commercial.  If anything I was more disappointed that they didn't come up with something funny - though I guess that is saved for Bud Light commercials - remember the one about ten years ago where the guy only had enough money for the 6-pack of bud light or toilet paper?  He ends up choosing the Bud Light and when asked by the cashier if wants paper or plastic, he promptly states paper.  Now, that is a good commercial!  This year's defensive stance against craft beer and its drinkers just goes to show they are really starting to feel the pain of continued declining U.S. sales OR they are marketing genius's and trying to drum up sales for their newly bought-out Elysian Brewing's pumpkin beers!


Until recently I didn't have a workbench.  I had a set of plastic sawhorses (real cheap) which broke, so I made a sturdy 2x4 set which I utilized for the deck project and they work great, but they are rather bulky and remain outside for use on bigger projects.  I was in need of a multipurpose workbench.  It will be used for anything and everything.  Here are the build pics:

lumber in corolla
Just barely fit in my toyota corolla.  2'x6' is plywood cuts is about all that would fit

dimensional lumber laid out
All the lumber laid out, changing my saw blade

cuts to lengt
Cuts made - I found one really nice knotted piece of 2x6

Can never have too many clamps - using this setup to keep the cross piece flush

close-up of joinery
Used one screw to hold together so I could drill a 5/8" hole for the oak dowels

bench legs
The legs

precise cuts
Pretty precise and accurate cuts there

another dowel joinery pick
Another view of the dowel joinery. Oak dowel glued with Titebond II

Cutting Dadoes
Cutting the dadoes on the apron to prevent racking on the legs

Dadoes finished
Dadoes cut and chisseled out (I need better chisels if I get into woodworking)

One side attached to legs
One side together

Second side added to legs
Second side added

Table without top
Bench frame all set to go!

Bench almost complete
Almost Complete!  Two sheets of 3/4" BC grade plywood screwed ever foot
Unfortunately, even though the plywood was grade BC, it was providing quite a few splinters.  I decided to pick up a few sheets of tempered hardboard.  I got 1/8", but probably should have gotten 1/4" time will tell.  I drilled a tiny hole so I could counter sink the thin tack nails.
Nails in masonite hardboard
Tack nails holding tempered hardboard down

Finished Workbench
I based the bench build off of the quick workbench from, but used 2x6 for the legs and the top cross-piece. This was secured with two 5/8" dowels and glue on each side. I used a 2x4 on the bottom of the legs and two 1/2" dowels glued.  The apron rails are 2x6s with six 2" screws on each leg connection.  I also finally installed the 48" powerstrip above the bench for quick-access.  As Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor would say, "More Power!"

Now to build the brewstand!


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