Friday, September 21, 2012

Brewery Update 9-21-2012

I brewed the Pumpkin Ale last weekend.  Had some issues with sparging due to the pumpkin, but was able to successfully extract the wort.  I pitched some WLP002 I had harvested from my mild back in April.  I had a lot of issues trying to determine how much actually yeast I was pitching - 3 pint jars of rinsed yeast from 6 months ago I estimated I had about 30-45 billion viable cells.  I pitched this into a 3 quart starter, which was then chilled and decanted to pitch into the pumpkin ale on Saturday night.  I utilized this great Yeast Calculator which is helpful when you are pitching with a specific quantity of yeast outside of a vial.  I will have a full post on this recipe, the process and tasting notes once it is ready to drink.

This week I received the first package addressed to my residence as a Brewery...that makes me official right?  Thanks to my good friend, I was able to source some cheap spice flavoring for the pumpkin beer, which came in the mail.

This weekend we will be touring the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD.  I am looking forward to the tour and trying some of their awesome beers.


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