Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Belgian Pale Ale

My apologies to my faithful followers on my lack of content!  I have been doing some extra web work on the side and this home ownership thing entails quite a bit of weekly yardwork!  My faithful self-built PC of over 10 years old has finally seen its last days of 1's and 0's, so until I can hook the hard drive up elsewhere and grab all my data I will just give the tasting notes on this beer.  The recipe, and of course some snazzy label and witty name, will be added back later.

I brewed this beer back in February.  I did a 90 min mash (while mashing I was boiling my extract American Session ale) and a 90 min boil due to the pilsner malt.  It was a pretty smooth brewday considering it was my first double brew!  If I recall I was able to do two 5-gallon batches and cleanup in about 7 hours.

Belgian Pale Ale
Style: 16B - Belgian Pale Ale
Batch Size: 6 gallons (5 gal into fermenter)
Efficiency: 83%
OG: 1.052
FG: 1.012
IBU: 28.4 calculated (Rager) 
ABV: 5.2%
Yeast: WLP500 Trappist Ale Fermented 62 and free rise to 67 

Grist Mashed at 147 for 60 minutes
91% - Weyermann Pilsner - 10 lbs
7% - Caramunich - 8 oz
2% - Biscuit - 4 oz

Hop Additions (90 minute boil)
1.50 oz - Hallertau 4.3% AA - 60 min - 26.5 IBUs
.50 oz - Hallertau 4.3% AA - 10 min - 1.9

Water Adjustments
Montgomery County, MD Water (treated with campden tablet)
3 grams Gypsum
3 grams CaCL
Acidulated Malt - 3 oz

Since I am now a a Certified BJCP Judge (got my 5th experience point a weekend ago) I guess I should post my tasting notes in BJCP style...though I am looking for feedback on preference vs my normal paragraph style.  I feel like paragraph is a little easier to read for the lesser beer geek?

Belgian Pale Ale

Aroma: moderate cracker like graininess with hints of bread, moderately low sweet malt, moderate spicy clove phenol,  low floral hop aroma, and low fruity character

Flavor: moderate grainy malt character, moderately high spicy clove phenol, moderately low malt sweetness, low floral hop character, moderate bitterness, balance is towards malt and and yeast character, finishes slightly dry

Appearance: Gold, moussy white head which fades to a thin eighth of an inch coating on the top, good lacing, good clarity but not brilliant

Mouthfeel: moderately high carbonation, medium body, no astringency, low creaminess, no alcohol warmth

Overall: This belgian pale is a very drinkable and well-balanced ale.  It is more towards the spicy floral phenols and does no exhibit enough fruity esters for the guidelines.  Probably around the low 30s for an official scoresheet, however, I really have enjoyed this beer.  I never considered myself a "belgian" beer guy, favoring more american hop forward beers, but I just keep finding myself pulling this tap vs my other two!  It is well balanced and finishes slightly dry making you want to take another sip.

UP NEXT: My Tasting notes on my American Session Ale

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