Friday, March 21, 2014

Absence Makes the Brewer More Thirsty

To my handful of readers, I apologize for keeping you waiting for more frothy beer news coming out of the Shegogue Brewery.  I have not brewed since October of 2013, and that is just too long!  I will be breaking out the kettles and propane this Saturday to make 2 batches of beer.  I plan on brewing an extract batch (haven't done one of this in a long time) of session IPA while I am mashing a belgian pale ale. 

I have wanted to make a session IPA for a while.  I love low abv beers and enjoy a fair amount of hops.  A few years ago, before I even started this blog, I had made a Scottish 70/- and entered it into the Delaware State fair competition.  It won 2nd place Best of Show.  I have not made this recipe since, and I am wondering - why?  I guess I am just too exploratory and want to try something different too often!  I have thought about it a lot and figure this same basic malt bill would make a great backbone for these new session IPAs.  The recipe will be based off of Jamil's scottish ale recipe using specialty malts.  I will then add a bunch of whirlpool and dry hops.  The session IPA is an undefined style and technically this is going to be more of a hoppy red ale then your standard bjcp pale/ipas, but hey, its low abv and high hops :)

Last on the update reel - I am still waiting to hear from the BJCP regarding my numerical score.  I was informed the one grader for my tasting exam had some personal issues, and the other grader supposedly had some grading inaccuracies.  This has led to the exams being looked over again by another set of graders.  The exam directors did pass on that I had passed the exam, as they wanted to make sure people in my area knew prior to the most recent tasting exam they were offering, to avoid someone retaking if not necessary.

Anyways, expect some more worthy (or should I say "worty") posts to be coming up in the future! 


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