Shegogue Brew, pronounced Shuh-goo, is the self-declared name attributed to Brett Shegogue's home brewery.  The Shegogue Brew Blog will focus on informative content to help fellow homebrewers in their quest to brew GREAT beer.  The blog will also document Shegogue Brew's latest homebrewed creations, follies, and general craft brew news.  Check out The Brewery!

(Brett at the Smoky Mountain Brewery in Gatlinburg, TN - photo by Tara Katherine Photography)

About the Owner: Brett Shegogue is a passionate homebrewer and Certified BJCP Judge who lives with his wonderful wife in a suburb of Maryland.  Brett is an IT Consultant with IBM and is currently working for a project in the heart of D.C.  Besides brewing, Brett enjoys cooking, golf, and DIY.

Be sure to send a comment if there are any Homebrew related topics you'd like to hear more about.